Frequently asked questions

What does the tour or experience include?

An experience or tour will differ greatly depending on what you choose. It could be an amazing walking tour, discovering the hidden gems of a city. Or it could also be a run around town, learning how to take great photos while enjoying the beauty of the city or simply diving deep into its history and culture with your private tour guide as you go. Generally, a tour includes a passionate private guide, but sometimes drinks, snacks, and entrance tickets may also be provided. All tours are designed and owned by the tour guides themselves, GETGUIDED does not own, design or operate any of the tours on

Where does GETGUIDED currently operate?

We are currently expanding our platforms to reach more than the 11 world destinations we already offer. To see our newly added locations check our destination pages. We are looking to expand to more and more cities in the upcoming months, all the while diversifying our tours and experiences in our current destinations. If you would like to help us expand to your city, drop us an e-mail at

How do I know which tour or experience is the right one for me?

Every tour or experience has a page of its own which includes a description of the tour, its length, the itinerary, the languages provided, its price and more. Our guests can thus better decide the tour which best suits their needs and interests. Guests can also communicate with the tour guide either for more customisation of the tour or for more specific questions. Our Guides also provide information about themselves in their personal profiles.

How personal is the tour or experience?

Your experience is very personal. Guides will try their best adapt to you in terms of timing, location of the meeting and the experiences you would like to have. You will enjoy the experiences and build a great dialogue with your guide.

What is your refund policy?

We cover our refund policies and all other necessary points in our T&C.

Is my data protected?

We have adopted protective and security measures to keep your personal data safe. We do not share your personal data with any third party advertisers or similar bodies.

I have more questions:

If we missed answering any questions you may have had, please drop us an e-mail at We will come back to you as soon as possible.

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