Catacombs: Museum Skip the line Guided tour

Paris, France
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Will you dare following your guide into the empire of death?

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About this activity

  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Equipment: comfortable shoes and warm clothes
  • Language: EN FR
  • Group size: 1-15 people
  • Reference: T-JHWPC3YP

Details of the Experience

Your guide will welcome you in front of the museum for a 2 hours guided tour. You will take 131 steps to reach the former underground quarries of Paris situated 60 feet under the ground level. Your guide will tell you about the quarrymen working in those dark tunnels, how the rock was created and what kind of animals have been found fossilized in the stone. After a walk through the limestone galleries, you will penetrate the "Empire of Death", as warns the carving above the gate of the ossuary. You will discover how come 6 million human remains are resting there, including famous French figures such as Danton, Robespierre, Jean de La Fontaine... Learn how to read the marks visible on the bones telling what kind of diseases, injuries, treatments or deaths Parisians went through during the Middle Ages. Hear about the secret world of cataphiles, those people exploring the unofficial catacombs and quarries of Paris. Listen to the amazing anecdotes who took place in the dark in the past and nowadays. The catacombs of Paris is a unique site worldwide and really deserves to be visited. Don't miss that highlight of the city of light!


  • - Skip the line tickets: which allows to skip the huge waiting line (who lasts usually 2 hours but the record is 7h last Christmas) - Guided tour with a professional fluent English-speaking local guide - Tips and help for the rest of your stay

This activity is provided by: Eleonore

Will you dare following your guide into the empire of death?

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