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In Moscow and looking for a fun experience, while learning a new skill? Join your instructor in a safe shooting range to shoot from famous Russian pistols and feel like a KGB agent from the movies.

You will fire 50 rounds of ammo and will choose from a wide variety of different pistols, from famous handguns like the Austrian Glock-17, German Sig226, Czech CZ-75, to the Soviet Makarov - the carry pistol of the Russian police. You will become a safe firearm user and gain a solid foundation upon which you will be able to build your marksmanship skills.

  • Duration 1-2 hours
  • Group size 1-5 people
  • Equipment Inform the guide is there are any restrictions. Participants shall be 18+
  • Languages EN English
  • Reference T-JD0MLYDQ
  • Time morning, afternoon, evening

What's included?

Lessons, gun rental, hearing and eye protection

What's excluded?

food and drinks, trapnsportation


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