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Edinburgh has many faces thanks to it's architectural diverisity created by amazing architects who lived and created at different eras. Learn more about how architecture played an important role in the city's formation.

Edinburgh New Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Designed in late 18th century it was the biggest planned town development in the world. Its gridiron plan formed the base for rational, ordered, symmetrical streets of extravagant townhouses and private parks. Neoclassical Georgian architecture is the focus of this guided tour's itinerary.

  • Duration 3-5 hours
  • Group size 1-15 people
  • Equipment comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Languages EN English
    FR French
    RU Russian
    LT Lithuanian
  • Reference T-J6GI45I0
  • Time morning, afternoon, evening

What's included?

Guided tour

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Meal on the tour, entry tickets, transportation

2 Reviews

By Karina

Really interesting tour around the old town without getting caught up in numbers and names. Even took me new places which I appreciate greatly.

By Nicole M

Thank You! We enjoyed it a lot

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