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Westminster at War: Whitehall in World War Two

 London, United Kingdom
tour by Mark

Not all significant history has happened in 12th or 14th century. One of the biggest crisis in the world, WW2 has happened just 70 years ago and had devastating effects all over Europe, including London. Exlore the role of the city and how it was affected by the brutal war.

This is a walking tour around Whitehall visiting sites of interest associated with Britain's struggle against Nazism in WW2. Learn about how Churchill became PM, how democracy had to adapt to total war, the secret measures the Government undertook and the bombs that hit Parliament. Sundays only.

  • Duration 1-2 hours
  • Group size 10-50 people
  • Equipment Comfortable and flexible clothing and shoes
  • Languages EN English
  • Reference T-J6E326SW

What's included?

Guided Tour

What's excluded?

transportation, food, drinks, entrance tickets

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